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Internet advertising services 

  • Professional photography product with mobile studio in your space 
  • Instagram 60 banners/posts per month + Live once a month from a store
  • Advanced Instagram-targeted ads
  • Facebook content 60 banners / posts per month + live once a month from
  •  Facebook video promo with photos you already take from your mobile and
    we do editing by adding file footage that we have with actors and not
    only depending on the subject in HD resolution
  •  Facebook 5 promo videos with your own mobile material or photos
    for advertising and we add our own material with archive footage from actors
  •  Facebook 5 promo videos with mobile material of our download, tripod on mobile
    lighting and add our own material with HD file footage from actors
  •  Facebook Advanced ads targeting audience campaigns+
    Remarketing, audience targeting, strategy plan, data analysis, target customer growth
  • LinkedIn ads and strategy plan for B to B
  • Youtube ads aimed at views and traffic
  • Pinterest ads aimed at views and traffic
  • Display Google ads, create banners and promote in google magazines
  •  Google ads search engine ads for immediate user results
    typing to buy at that moment or looking for a service to call but also
    re-targeting them all over the internet 
  •  Digital marketing technique. Set up special cookies, code on the website from
    social media and google, google analytics link to website and social media.
  • Website hosting on our server for fast site and technical
    support whenever needed
  • Website construction 
  •  Growth Hacking tools, add special seasonal pages for products and services
  •  SEO organically build keyword-ssl to appear
    to google in 6 to 12 months organically without advertising on specific keywords
  •  Capture video with each user's mouse on the webpage to exit
    conclusions to remove or change sections of page for a better experience
    of the visitor
  • Google Analytics digital user behavior data analysis useful
    conclusions about which products or services people prefer and what their profile is
    of potential customers
  •  Google ads 
    Google My business management and advertising around the area per
  •  Competitors analysis 1-5, spy competition, what strategy do they follow, what
    revenue they make online, separate service that you either want to know
    or to help us have immediate results so that
    copy successful strategies (creation time 40 working days
  • In case:
    six-month contract 10% discount if the entire amount is paid
  • In case:
    annual contract 20% discount if the entire
  • In case:
    management of an amount of advertising expenditure over € 15,000 per
    per month, Falcon Digital's pay is 20% on advertising
  • In case:
    that you introduce us in another company 20% discount

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