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Google Ads

In order to appear in the right eyes, at the right time with the right message and content, we must target the right audience that is looking for something specific and take it to the specific page.

Watch below the video presentation in a hypothetical scenario where we are called to advertise a patisserie chain.

Watch a small part of the strategy at an early stage that would follow. Get first in the largest Google search engine when a potential customer searches for your service.

Google Certified Professionals will bring your potential customer to the door of your website in order to turn him into a reliable customer with upgraded techniques such as "following" them across the internet with ads until he performs the final action (sale, phone, Registration Form).

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Watch a Google Ad Strategy Plan

If you watched the whole presentation you will begin to understand that we are talking about a 10% of the preparation and optimization of ads that we are called to deal with. 

Below you can see a very short video how we make predictions based on the historical data the amount we will spend and the amount we will earn approximately. Advertising on Google is a keyword auction. To have a prediction with the worst case scenario, falcon digital has at its disposal a mathematical formula for 100% success. 

Advertising Countries

Watch keyword analysis forecast on Google

2 years of cooperation with Falcon Digital and I have to state that they upgraded our corporate identity to industrial unit in the digital environment. Quality videos on social media with ads and of course targeting customers on google. I'm glad that the customer service whenever we call is there to solve our issue or if we ask for something extraordinary.
Vincenzo Chirico Chief Executive Officer Fargego Hellas
Those looking for a psychologist I appear first in the whole google with the lowest cost per click. The presentation they made every month make the user data analysis understandable and I receive decisions depending on the visitors digital behavior.
Tsitzimika Foni Psychologist

Targeting customers with hawk vision 

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