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Google Analytics

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Internet users' data is the new oil according to forbes. Analysis of data from the "hawks" of the internet. Get to know in depth the digital behavior of your website visitors. 


Research. Think. Repeat.

Full analysis of what keywords your competitor is using in google, what is the audience investing above. 




Digital Age 

Indicatively, through this service you can see how the visitors arrived at your website, how much time they spent on which internal pages, as well as many more information that can help you optimizing your site.

Also through this service, we analyze the results of possible advertising campaigns that we have created through it.

How does Google Analytics work?

 For each of the websites, Google Analytics provides a unique code (Google Analytics Tracking Code) which must be integrated into all pages of the site. With this code installed, every time a user visits the site, statistics are collected from it, such as the length of stay on the internal pages or the links that the user followed to reach the site, his interests, his digital habits, demographic data, what he is looking to buy in that period, what are his general interests. 


Remarketing Users 

Remarketing is the method by which we place ads on the user for a product or service that has already been visited. Through google analytics we categorize visitors into specific audiences depending on what he saw and how long he stayed and we follow him with ads all over the internet. With the method of remarketing we remind them of our product or service to call us or to visit our store up close and we give them the opportunity to buy from our store in a future moment.

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