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Growth Hacking Marketing 

An important and necessary step when promoting a campaign is to create one  Landing Page.

We call it Landing Page the page where the user will be found, when it clicks on the ad link we are running essentially, oneLanding Page is built to further improve the performance of a running campaign. If e.g. we ask users to buy a product, this page is where they will persuade them to give their details. In other words, it is the point that turns potential customers (leads) into buyers, or customers! This conversion is known in Online Marketing as conversion..

Below you can see examples of creating specific pages that link to your existing website so that in short-term goal strategies we have the flexibility to highlight a product or service that we want to promote more for a few days and land the visitor on the promotion page as well. discount, etc. The page creation time is from 12 to 48 hours.

State of the art technology

Interactive videos are the latest technology on the planet. Until now, only groups and market leaders had the opportunity to take advantage of them because the amounts for its creation start from € 10,000 and over. Falcon Digital has secured rights from a large technology company that offers them from € 600 each (extra cost in case you do not have your own amateur or professional plans) To get an idea watch what we are talking about in the video below. 
42% - 83% conversions to client
Increase of phone calls from customers
Special Digital Tools for video recording the visitor mouse on the page. In this way, useful conclusions are drawn as to whether a part of the page wants to change or not, aiming at the best experience of each visitor. 

Thermal cameras that record on your website the points where the mouse of each visitor had the least and most contact. 

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